5 Things to do at the End of Garden Season

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gardening season
end of season


With winter fast approaching and the days getting shorter its time to tidy up after a busy summer of gardening.

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These five things will have you all ready for next year if you spend a little time cleaning up this fall.

  1. Remove all plants from the garden.  I like to give the leftover plants to the pigs or chickens so that I’m not wasting anything. Plus they love the treat.
  2. Rake up the leaves and add to your compost pile or start one.  My compost pile didn’t do so well last year but it’s a great way to add organic matter to your garden.  I’ll be working on improving my compost this fall.
  3. Put away garden tools. This is a perfect time to also inspect the handles and replace them. Along with checking for broken water hoses and sprinklers. No need to store something that needs replacing.
  4. Amend soil. Till up the soil and add any amendments to improve your soil quality for next season. I try to stick with all natural fertilizer like fish based.
  5. Check and store canning equipment. I like to give my canners a good scrubbing and oil the seals before I store them.
Compost pile
Compost pile

What’s left on your list to do before winter sets in?  Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear.

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    1. Thanks Diane! I need to work on extending our growing season. Seems there’s always somewhere to improve.

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