Ultimate Seed Starting Guide: A Roundup of Helpful Tips

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Ultimate Seed Starting Guide
Seed Starting Time

Seed starting can be so intimidating knowing where to start. Most people give up after starting a bunch of seeds then they fail to grow. Simply overwhelmed with all the things to do. I understand there are times it still feels like a lot to me.

Starting seeds is something I look forward to every year! There’s something magical about watching the new life happen.

Today I wanted to share my tips with you and give you a few other reads to troubleshoot any issues you might be dealing with.


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Before we jump into the roundup here are my tips to help you along your seed starting journey.

  • Start Small. I know that we want to plant. ALL. THE. PLANTS. Trust me starting small with a couple varieties will pay off. Get comfortable with those then add more ’til your planting everything.
  • Lighting is key. Get lights on them as soon as they sprout. Keep the light close, I’m talking like almost touching. This helps to avoid weak and leggy plants.
  • Start with wet soil. Not like ring water out of it wet. The seeds seem to germinate better.
  • Harden them off slowly. Start with short bursts of time outside. Give the plants a windbreak. It never fails I forget the windbreak and 40 mph gusts start within 5 mins of me coming back inside.

There are my best tips now let’s take a look at some other helpful posts.

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Does seed starting make you crazy? Let me know your best tips in the comments!





2 thoughts on “Ultimate Seed Starting Guide: A Roundup of Helpful Tips”

  1. It is so hard to start small when it comes to plants! I have a few plants I’m starting from seed but the rest are mature plants growing in their containers. I start my seeds outdoors since we have mild weather here year long, but its still hit or miss in getting them to grow. Its also tricky growing on my balcony this time of year, since its half hidden in shade. I can’t wait for the days to get longer again!

    1. Oh I know! I want them all! Lol. I wish we could but here in bipolar Missouri it can be sunny and 70 then snow that evening. Some plants I habe a harder time with getting to take off well. Like my peppers those things seem to be so picky!

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