ThriveLife- An Honest Review Bonus Mexican Lasagna Recipe

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mexican lasagna

I’m so excited to share this new amazing line of products with you. We’ve been working on our long-term food storage and most importantly using it in a rotation! We’d seen several videos of people using this stuff called ThriveLife.  Then I’ll get the sharing my Mexican lasagna I made using Thrivelife corn.

We decided to take the plunge and try this stuff out!

Taking a deeper look at what makes Thrivelife such a good item to have in your pantry. There’s no artificial anything in their products and there non-gmo.  You can read more about their exact produce cleaning process here. The produce is harvested at peak ripeness which leads to peak flavor and goes thru a process they call Nutrilock.

What is Nutrilock?
Our Nutrilock certified products go through an over 40-step, proprietary process. These steps start at the farm, ensuring no genetically modified seeds or crops are used. Our foods are always allowed to grow until fully ripened, leaving the maximum amount of time needed for flavor and nutrition development. From there, Nutrilock products are flash frozen within hours and freeze dried in our world class freeze drying facility. Products must then pass tests with our R&D, Quality Assurance, and Culinary teams before they’re approved for consumption. To learn more about Nutrilock, click here.

We’ve had some freeze-dried fruit we were getting at our local Sam’s and it was alright, but nothing compared to when we first tried Thrivelife.

thrive life corn dry
Thrive life corn dry

It blew us outta the water and tasted just like we had a fresh piece of fruit in our hands!

When you open a can of Thrivelife the smell is amazing, and it looks like the actual food does fresh. My kids have decided we no longer need Sam’s freeze-dried fruit because they prefer the taste of Thrive!!

Thrivelife offers more than just single foods.

They have a ton of products, everything from vegetables and meats to meal kids. They even have a line of freeze-dried yogurt bites. (shhh my kids don’t know this yet)

Cooking with Thrive was super easy. Its all prechopped and washed so there’s no fuss or waste for us busy moms. All you do is rehydrate it according to the label and bam you have this amazing food that looks and tastes just like fresh!

I’m sure your thinking there’s no way it will have the same texture as fresh, I was a little skeptical on this one too. It’s proved me wrong every time. I’ve rehydrated corn and mushrooms so far and they are just like they came from the garden.

On to the Mexican Lasagna.

Now you can easily convert any recipe to use Thrivelife by simply rehydrating your ingredients per package instructions using them like you would anything else.

1 lb Ground Beef

1 C Thrivelife Sweet Corn

2 cans red enchilada sauce or make your own

1 can black beans

10 flour tortillas

1 can of Rotel with chiles

Cheese my bunch loves cheese so I just pile the stuff on there

seasoning to taste I used chili powder, cumin, onion, and paprika.

You can find the recipe I loosely followed here for complete instructions.

This was awesome my crew tried to eat it all before I could even get a picture! The corn was so sweet it was perfect to set off the heat from the Rotel.



rehydrated corn
rehydrated thrivelife corn



Mexican Lasagna
Mexican Lasagna

If you’d like to try Thrivelife for yourself you can order from my store here. If you have any questions about Thrivelife and its products drop me a comment below or email me at

Are you working on your longterm food storage? I’d love to hear what you’ve got in your pantry drop me a comment below.





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